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  • Monday, April 25, 2005

    On UU orthodoxy

    What motivation do fundamentalists have to evangelize that UUs might lack?

    For one thing, the belief in a literal hell. It's hard to go out and save people if you don't believe there's anything to save them from. But there are plenty of figurative hells that feel real enough to the people trapped in them. My hell was the church I was raised in. I had to save myself from that.

    For another thing -- and Phillip Lund has discussed this recently -- an organizing principle for our religion. Lund cites two articles, here and here, speculating that UUism is dying out for lack of a "Unitarian identity." There's a name for what these three writers are talking about, and they all seem understandably reluctant to use it: orthodoxy.

    There are at least two viable paths toward a Unitarian orthodoxy: (1) a Socinian revival, and (2) a substantial revision of the Seven Principles.


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