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  • Thursday, February 03, 2005

    the blogger was silent

    So once upon a time I started this blog, you see, and final exams and projects were coming due, and I was finishing up a paper for Criminal Law about the Berrigan brothers, and I guess it turned out to be a really good paper, because my instructor seemed to be genuinely impressed with my analysis of the Nuremberg defense, and she gave me a 99 out of 100, oh well, I guess she had to deduct something, since I kept incorrectly abbreviating the Federal Reporter, Second Series as "F.2d." -- that second period isn't supposed to be there, you see -- and my paper and presentation for Real Estate turned out just as good, but I kind of panicked on the final exam, my instructor seemed worried when I tapped my pencil for about 20 minutes, then left the room, then came back, because she'll be the first to tell you that that's just not like me, she uses me as a sort of barometer to figure out whether she made the test too hard, so after she graded the exams and gave us our scores, mine was a 96 out of 100, so she threw an M&M at me and I swear she hit me right in the middle of my forehead, and when my Civil Procedure instructor graded our trial notebooks -- actually she's the same instructor I had for Real Estate -- I thought she was a bit generous, but, you know, who was I to protest, and the final exam for Torts was no problem at all....

    If I wanted to, I could use my course workload as an excuse, but the fact of the matter is that I have nothing to say, at least about politics, and anyway there are already a lot of people who talk politics better than I do. And yes, there are some who talk worse, but I still see no point in adding to the noise. So I'm going to leave the political talk to the political bloggers unless something really gets my dander up.

    As for what I will talk about, well, there's law, which I should talk about anyway if only for the sake of keeping my research skills sharp ... then there's religion -- I wrote something once about the quality of religious discourse and debate, I really should return to that theme....