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  • Friday, November 05, 2004

    "confidence" in the election, continued ...

    I'm confident, given what I know about the power of Christian fundamentalists, that the election results are legitimate. But I'm also confident, given what I've heard about the electronic voting machines, that elections could be fixed. It's true enough that we need to get rid of the voting machines. But a lot of people seem to be fixated on the election results like people rubbernecking while driving past the scene of a traffic accident, and I don't see the good in that. So I've decided that I'm willing to accept Paulos' explanation of what happened, and just move on from there.

    For the next four years, previously apathetic people are going to get a good taste of creeping theocracy, and they are not going to like it. The Republicans are about to meet the devil that they have been dealing with.


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